By Bwalya.W.Mwila

Mukubesa Mundia or better known by his stage name Petersen zagaze is a Zambian musician and politician born on 28th September, 1982. Petersen Zagaze gained recognition after his first single in 2005 titled Munyaule.

The 37 year old musician uses his conscience type of music to entertain, inform and educate society on the various types of issues that affect us.

In his Makwebo mu church song, Petersen visits a church after a long time only to find that the church has now become a market place, where church leaders are selling everything from houses, to cars and even anointing water.

He then calls on to the Messiah to come back to earth and whip again because the church has lost its intended purpose and that it has become a business place. At some point Petersen did a song titled Stoga, which had a hidden health awareness message.

In the song, he warns people that a condom does not guarantee 100% protection from sexually transmitted diseases. In another song titled condom, he requests that, ” Osayopa condom iwe, monga niba pongozi iwe.

Muvalike nimwamuna wako.” Meaning do not feel shy or scared to protect yourself and your partner from unintended pregnancies or STI`s by using a condom. This song in 2018 won him the Ministry of Health Recognition of Excellence in Health and Art.
In 2013, he featured pilato on a song titled BUFI which labelled the late president Micheal sata as a father of lies.

This song didn’t settle well with most of the PF supporters. At some point he did a song criticizing Zambian politicians, ” Bamavala ma suit ya black monga ni mwankole.” Additionally, he did a song ‘Banyandule, banyandule bagwesa ziko pansi , ma cockroach ‘ criticising late president Mwanawasa`s regime. some sections of the media suggests that he has 5 albums tagged to his name, King Solomon (2015), Job 13:13 (2012), Stoga Compilation (2011), Bobojani (2007), Munyaule (2005).

In 2014 he got married to Rosemary Msisha. In 2018 he stood on the people`s alliance for change (PAC) ticket for mayoral elections of which he came out third.

Indeed Petersen is a great and marvellously talented musician and politician. we end by saying, ‘ ONE LEG INADI WATER ANADA ONE INADI FIRE.’
What is your favourite Petersen song?