By Mwila.W.Bwalya

Singer Elton Mulenga or better known by his stage name Yo Maps was born on 29th November 1994 in Kasama.

Yo maps is said to have started doing music back in secondary school and that his decision to start music was inspired by his father who used to do gospel music.

Despite doing music for a long time, Yo maps only became famous in 2018 after working with the already established artist ”Macky 2” on a song titled ‘Finally.’ Coincidentally, the Finally song enabled him to finally break through into the Zambian music industry with the song receiving so many requests on different radio stations.

The singer has since been releasing hit after hit like no mans business giving his fans no chance to assimilate the already wonderfully songs he`s done.

The 26 year old musician is so good such that even when he is featured on a song, it appears as though he is the owner of the song. Some of the notable songs his done so far include osanisiya, season yanga, Mutengo utali, kaleza, life yanga, perfect for me, mubelele, single, malita, am sorry, kavundula, among others.

Earlier this year, Yo maps found himself at the centre of controversy after a video was leaked on social media in which he kissed a another girl (not his girlfriend).

This didn’t settle well with most of his fans some of which called him a disappointment owing to the fact that the image he portrays in his music does not allow him to cheat. At some point, he and others found themselves in trouble after they made fun of Y-celeb in a video.

In March 2020 Yo maps and his girlfriend Mwizukanji welcomed a bouncing baby girl, Bukata Joanna Mulenga.

Yo maps is by far one of the most fastest growing artist in the Zambian music industry. With his unique voice and lesson filled music, we can predict that the future is very bright for this young man. Let`s brace ourselves by getting some shades as his future might be too bright for our eyes.