Actress Maiwase (Maclean Sandra Phiri) shares her cancer experience

Maclean Sandra Phiri

Renowned actress Maclean Sandra Phiri, popularly known as Maiwase has recalled her experience when she went for cervical cancer screening on 28 January, 2020.

She says she wants to encourage her fellow young women to go for screening at an early stage stating that when detected Cancer can be treated. She narrated to ZED GOSSIP, how heartbroken she was and says the day 28th changed a lot in her life.

This day changed alot of things in my life, and when I was told I was being referred to UTH it got to me really bad I told myself OK so I have cervical cancer now even when they told me those were just pre-cancerous cells but I got so emotional from that day and First thing I did the next day was to go to UTH at 06hrs and have myself Treated. They did a Leep on me.
After that I became so emotional because of the treatment. I could just cry the first two days and because of other surgeries I have two Caesars and one for appendicitis I started having lower abdominal pains.
After Some days I just woke up and Told myself you’re strong Maclean get off that bed and give a smile, be happy As usual and encourage alot of women out there to be Screened, so I stood and the first post I posted was about the short film I did about cervical Cancer Awareness so I started posting those pictures on From the short film On Facebook my Instagram on my WhatsApp.
I’m here to encourage My fellow ladies and women to go and have Yourselves screamed because when Cancer is detected at an early stage it is treatable. No woman should die of cervical cancer when treatment is there” she said.