Artists Plead For Adoption Of Former Musician Boss, Njoya Tembo

Njoya T

Feira, Zambia.
The euphoria amongst local artists of Luangwa district has heightened with everyone of them jostling to drop a song in support of their former music body boss Njoya Tembo who is aspiring for Feira constituency on the Patriotic Front ticket.
It is clear that the rural talent has seen a ray of hope considering the activities and support the former Zambia Association of Musicians president has given them over time.
Njoya has had concerts with them, get organised as a team, helped in the formation of cooperatives as well link a number of these upcoming musicians to established artists like Chester, Bizzy Wizzy, Marky 2, Bobby East among others.
Mr. Tembo, a seasoned performing artist and succesful art administrator intends to see the formation of; “at least a community radio, recording studios and expose Luangwa artists to the rest of Zambia.
He said “The support is humbling. I have seen artists support President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in excess. Not a kapyopyo like me.”
Meanwhile, Fwana, a local artist has paid gratitude to Chester as he recounts his experience at his MoPower Studio n Lusaka’s Chilenje residence area.
Fwana who made his first time appearance on ZNBC’s prestigious Smooth Talk has continued to be a shining as his hit song with the superstar has been voted on the top list of Luangwa hitsongs.
Another artist, London Zambia, has expressed confidence that Luangwa artists see hope in Mr. Tembo being their representative in the next session of parliament once adopted on the PF ticlet and elected in the upcoming elections.
“He took me to a studio in Lusaka and paid for my time there. I even shared the same stage with Slap Dee at a concert. I will always treasure those moments” he recounted.
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