Australia based Zambian actress Maddie Mitchell aims to create jobs in Zambian film industry

Maddie Mitchell

Sensational Australia based Zambian actress Maddie Mitchell, says her goal is to see the film industry in Zambia blossom to an international level.

Maddie, has told ZED GOSSIP, that Zambian film industry has in the past few years seen great improvement such that allot of people are appreciating content being produced locally.

She says if only local producers can also give chance to upcoming actors unlike using the same faces the nation will be recognise in an international level.

“Our film industry in Zambia is trying like it has improved though I have only watched Zuba film, but the only thing I’m not happy about our industry in Zambia is that, the people who are in front there ain’t supporting the upcoming artist which is not really good instead they either prefer same people always or relatives which is not good” she observes.

She adds that the only way to be successful is to support everyone and give all those with a passion for acting a chance stating that she plans to create jobs in the film industry back home.

“Now if we don’t support some new actors how is the industry going to improve? My goal is to create more jobs in the film industry as much as I can God willing it’s just a matter of time Zambia is always on my mind” she says.

Maddie Mitchell, has worked with international stars like Patience Ozokwo, Oge Okoye and many other Nollywood stars.