“Beating people is not a solution” comedian Prof. Difikoti cries


Renowned Zambian comedian Thomas Sipalo alias Prof. Difikoti, has felt the pain of those being whipped for defying presidential orders by being found drinking in public places.

Prof. Difikoti, posted on his Facebook page monitored by ZED GOSSIP, that beating those found drinking is not a solution adding that those found wanting should instead be made to do other punishment unlike being flogged like common criminals.

He urges the authorities to consider putting up more sensetization messages on radio, TV and newspapers for people to listen and change.

He has even offered his services for free of charge.

“Beating people is not a solution, start doing health campaigns for radio, tv and announcements people will listen and change…
I’ve offered my services for free!…
#Covid19” he wrote.

Images of people being flogged by police have in the past few days emerged on social media and have raised mixed feelings.

Others allege that the police are abusing powers and not following the correct presidential orders. Those getting flogged are those found drinking in restricted places and posing a danger to spread the infection of the Covid-19.