Bowman Lusambo embarrasses motivation speaker Mubita Nawa


Motivation speaker Mubita Nawa, got a shocker of his life as he attempted to flaunt his English at Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo.

Nawa, was among other motorists found on the Kafue road trying to find their way into Lusaka in the early hours of Wednesday.

In his usual style of on spot check, Hon. Lusambo spotted a man in a small car all clad in a shiny suit and asked where he was going.
The man stepped out of the car and it turned out it was Mubita Nawa, who started saying he needed to proceed to Lusaka because he had some errands to make while attempting to use his English to argue with Hon. Lusambo who went to Kafue to check if people are complying with today’s declared lock down in the area amidst the outbreak of the Covid-19.

Before Nawa, could finish talking Hon Lusambo said “You are a learned man”. As Nawa, attempted to resist, Hon. Lusambo instructed police officers to make Nawa to return by saying “Mubwezeni Uyu” leaving Nawa startled in his shiny suit.

President Edgar Lungu, through the minister of Health Dr. Chilufya Chitalu, yesterday announced that Kafue which is now a hot spot for Covid-19 would be on lockdown today in order for health personnel to conduct massive screening in the area to avoid any possible further spread of the virus’ which has left thousands of people dead globally and two locally.