Chef 187 tells off music promoter Ezra Blackson Mwansa


Drama ensued on Twitter when music act Chef 187 vented his anger on music promoter Ezra Blackson Mwansa, who owes him colossal sums of money.

Apparently, Ezra owes a number of musicians in the country and has admitted of not “oiling their hands” after making them perform at some shows he organised through his company “Ever Moving Forward Media” but keeps moving backwards.

This follows when T-Low shared on Twitter that he was disappointed that a number of music promoters in the country have continued to exploit artists by paying them less and putting them on event posters without notifying or agreeing on payment terms.

“I feel most of the Show Organisers in Zambia hv also been the Reason to Bad & Low Pay of Artist Booking,I mean why do wana get 5 Artists on a Poster if u can’t even afford 2just pay One or two fully??Put us in a clear picture plz, what’s your Logic” T-low wrote.

This prompted Ezra to react to the tweet seen by ZED GOSSIP, saying “Understood,I agree with your view. I feel most show organizers/promoters including myself are very ambitious (speaking for myself) I stil owe people like you and @Chefy187 cause of wanting to work with everyone good. There are many challenges but a non sponsored show is a pain!”.

After reading the tweet Chef 187 encouraged Ezra to consider picking an artist that goes with his “shallow” pockets if he is to continue organising music events.

“Since you have decided to make this a public affair, why not take it further. Keep the rest of that money! next time just make sure you can at least afford my services! awe, next time pick an artist that goes with your shallow pockets. #Nshampananabaapya!!” Chef 187’s tweet read.

Meanwhile, a number of followers on Twitter have laughed at Ezra saying he wasn’t supposed to bring such issues to social media saying if he felt guilty he would have considered resolving the issue with the duo amicably.