Chella Tukuta has an option to appeal – Former LAZ president

Chellah Tukuta

Chella Tukuta has an option to appeal – Former LAZ president

Former LAZ president Eddie Mwitwa has disclosed that convicted photographer Cornelius Mulenga aka Chella Tukuta can immediately appeal his conviction.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Zambian Business Times – ZBT, Mwitwa said that if Chella feels the Judgement passed on him by the Surbodnate Court is not fair, he has the option to appeal to the High court.

“The Surbodnate is not the final Court and the matter of this nature can be appealed. Chella Tukuta can still appeal to the High Court”, stated the former LAZ president.

The Lusaka magistrate court has sentence the Lusaka Photographer Cornelius Mulenga commonly known as Chella Tukuta to two years imprisonment.

This follows the video he posted last year on his Facebook page on the 26 May, 2020 which suggested that the former Information Minister and Petauke member of parliament candidate Dora Siliya is a ”Pimp”who is specialised in selling girls to high profile men.

A review on how the proceedings went during the trail at the Magistrate court shows that Mulenga opted to not defend himself and remained silent and did not call any witness. Whether this was a legal tactic is yet to be revealed.

Social media is awash with comments on how Chella Tukuta and youths generally should ensure that they have evidence whenever issuing statements that may be challenged in court.

Zambia recently enacted cyber laws that provide procedures and legal backing of complainants to take legal action based on social and online platforms interactions.

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