Chellah Tukuta, allegedly joins secret cult


Celebrated Zambian Photographer Chellah Tukuta, has allegedly joined a secret cult in Nigeria to become rich, ZED GOSSIP can confirm with classified evidence obtained.

Chellah, recently acquired a brand new BMW for his beautiful wife which alot of people on social media questioned his source of income as he is just a common cameraman who makes less than K2000 in a month.

ZED GOSSIP, has received classified evidence which shows that last year Chellah, went to Nigeria and got initiated in a secret cult which many may describe as satanism. Lately, Chellah has been spotted uploading pictures of international celebrities on social media of which some are alleged to be members of the secret cult.

It is also believed that the master he worships instructed him to now start uploading images were he can be seen flashing money if he is to get richer faster.

One of his close friends who opted to speak on condition of anonymity says he is disappointed with Chellah and never expected him to become a member of a secret cult saying that these days Chellah uses money to wipe his face.

Another friend of Chellah, who only wanted to be described as Chinena, has revealed that Chellah was told to stop wearing shoes but slippers stating that shoes will hinder him from having more money.

“This guy he was told to stop wearing shoes ati if he does ninshi juju it won’t work. So if you see him in town or anywhere without shoes just know that alepanda uyu mambala. Us we are suffering but him busy wanting to be rich” the friend disclosed.