Chellah Tukuta allegedly mistreated at Chicagos


Zambian photographer Chellah Tukuta, has expressed distress and anger at the owner of Chicagos for being mistreated when he danced to Nigerian music.

In his post on social media seen by ZED GOSSIP, Tukuta, says he was not happy at the fact that the owner of Chicagos instructed his security people to stop him from dancing and singing along to good music. He adds that he will never step a foot in Chicagos and has launched a campaign to ensure that the place is closed stating that he suspects workers get ill-treated if customers can be ill treated in public.

Some years back PF cadre and former Big Brother Africa housemate Maxwell Chongu, had stormed Chicagos and demanded answers from the owner when rumour went round that workers were being mistreated.

Some praised Maxwell but others condemned him stating that he was not a law enforcement agent to attempt to threaten owners of Chicagos which many people jostle over the weekend for social gathering.
“If as a customer I was treated that bad by this fool. What more the people that work there? Am worried for our brothers and sisters working at Chicago’s and when I was leaving I broke the beers in front of the same bouncers to show them that their boss is useless.
A foreign business we support you, you treat us like trash? Your days are numbered and I will go on a campaign #chicagosmustfall” he wrote.