Chellah Tukuta, refutes insulting Chef 187 as he collaborates with Mr P (P Square)

Chellah with Rudeboy of P-Square

Celebrity and award winning photographer Chellah Tukuta, has dismissed social media reports that he issued disparaging words against hip hop act Chef 187.

In a post seen by ZED GOSSIP, Chellah is vividly seen saying he can never utter trash against Chef 187 whom he sees as brother. He disclosed that someone haters are trying to tarnish his name by posting things which he never said and has since called on ZICTA to deal with such people.
“I can never say trash about Chef 187. ZICTA needs to be closing these fake blogs because that’s cyber bullying. Someone has issues with Chef and they use my name to air out their bitter words” he said.

He further posted that he is a product of the Copperbelt’ and does not see it fit to insult anyone from there nor any other parts of tue country.

A named social media page on Facebook posted an article attributed to Chellah alleging that he said Chef 187 was being over excited and acting childish by taking selfies with Mr P whom he is currently working with in Nigeria.