Chellah Tukuta’s new lover “Lolipop” dumps him


Zambia’s budding songbird Lolipop, based in Beijing, China has dumped award winning international photographer Chellah Tukuta, alleging that he is childish ZED GOSSIP has learnt.

Those close to Chellah Tukuta, have disclosed that he met the music beauty queen in South Korea when he went with MMD president Dr. Nevers Mumba for a summit which he was shooting. A close friend to Chellah, tells ZED GOSSIP, that the two love birds (Chellah & Lolipop) had plans to marry in May, 2020 but due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 their plans have been left staggering.

Last night Chellah Tukuta, posted on his page that he’s new lover is not based in Zambia and few minutes later he went on to share that

“I have been dumped already ati my dancing is dangerous and her relatives are affected 😭😭😭😭😭. Utubale bakana”.

But those close to Lolipop back in Zambia, they say it could be true that she has dumped Chellah for failing to stick to relationship agreements they made while in South Korea.

Chellah, has been making headlines on social media when word went round that he dumped his wife for an unknown woman whom he didn’t disclose or show. But today it has been discovered that it is Lolipop the artist who did a track with Slap D and Daev called NI LOVE which we can say was a dedication to Chellah Tukuta.