Chris Mall challenges artists to compose ‘uniting’ songs

Chris Mall

…let’s educate our people against violence.

By Francis Chipalo@NewAge News

In view of the gassing incidents that are now reported to be spreading across the country and causing riots among communities, I am challenging our artists and musicians in particular in the country to compose more of songs which can unite our people and discourage all of forms of violence, a Lusaka based music promoter has said.

Popularly known as Chris Mall among artists in the entertainment industry, Chrispin Chiinda notes that music has the power to influence minds and hence urged artists to begin taking that direction.

Speaking on Tuesday morning on Live Issues program at Live Radio in Lusaka, Chris Mall who is also Munali 2021 Parliamentary hopeful said artists can greatly contribute to ending the current state of affairs (gassing) that have characterized some parts of the country.

“I want to look at music as something which can influence minds and make people act in a certain way and I feel this is a time that our artists should compose songs that can bring about unity and promote love and peace in our communities,” he said.

“I know musicians want to compose songs which can bring them money but being Zambians who communicate to masses, I feel they too have a responsibility to preach about love, peace and unity in our country,” Chiinda said.

Chiinda said; “And being a promoter of art, I will in my own capacity recognize such musicians for educating our people from against engaging in any form of violence like we are experiencing today in our communities”.

“I value Zambian music because I believe our artists can greatly contribute to the economy of this country through music and that is why I am planning to host a workshop with artists to see how best we can work together on a number of issues affecting us as Zambians.