Renowned Lusaka based businessman and aspiring Member of Parliament for Munali Constituency Chrispin Chiinda has reiterated his commitment to support local artists both physically and morally in order to raise a responsible youth generation.

Chrispin Chiinda alias Chris Mall, proprietor of several successful businesses both in Lusaka and other parts of the country has a track record of supporting local artists, as a true patriot.

Chiinda as seen in the picture here is with Zambian songbird Judy-yo at one of his lodges in Chamba Valley 7 years ago as a group of Zambian artists paid him a visit to appreciate his contribution to the entertainment industry which has continued to date.

It is without a doubt that when Chiinda is successfully voted into power as Member of Parliament for Munali and possibly appointed Minister of Youth and Sport, a lot of young people with varied talents will be nurtured and benefit from his leadership.

Ababemba batila *’ichinkwankwa bachimwena kumampalanya’*

And a lot of elected civic as well as religious leaders have repeatedly called on youths to rally behind meaningful political aspirants as Chris Chiinda to be their elected representative in 2021 considering his contribution to society and not vote based on a political party affiliation only without assessing leadership capabilities of an individual.