Comedian DIFIKOTI roasted for mocking women who undergo C-section


Zambian comedian Thomas Sipalo alias DIFIKOTI on Thursday morning got a shocker of his life as one of his daily jokes turned into hot chilly in his eyes.

DIFIKOTI, made a post seen by ZED GOSSIP, mocking women who give birth via C-section by describing them as “Nkuku Za loan” literally translated as weak chickens layed in a poutry.

In his post he wondered why women of today once they give birth to three children they usually undergo C-section unlike women from the old generation who never went through such processes despite having more than ten children.

The post left thousands of his followers startled as they squeezed his balls left, right centre, back and forth and made him to delete and apologies.

His apology read
“I’m sorry to some women who found this posting offensive because of the wrong choice and sensitive words used… I never intended to hurt anyone but just a pure observation towards our healthy and have a debate on it, however some found it offensive….I’ve since pulled down the post… 🙏”