Dear Upcoming artist – By Roberto


Dear Upcoming artist – By Roberto

Firstly, your frustration won’t get you anywhere. Your posts complaining about not getting help, WONT GET YOU ANY HELP.

Imagine someone knocking on your door, while busy complaining, that they want something from you, and they keep banging the door. You will probably tell them to go to another house, or probably open the door, and chase them. What you need to do is observe and learn, even your favourite artist is an upcoming artist to a more established artist like Jay Z, Beyonce, Drake etc. But what your favourite artist does, is act with maturity, even when they dont get feedback, they stay quiet and plan on other better ways of communication. Trust me, even I have been denied features before, But that does not mean it’s the end of the road.

Secondly, people will help you on your way up, once the doors start opening, trust me… they will open all the way. You will be a household name, and a lot of people will want to hang out with you, you will get offers and visits you have never gotten before. At that point, you will accept practically different offers. Then will come a time when maturity will kick in and realize, life is not all about partying and buying alcohol for your friends. You will want to start building, setting up your own studio, maybe your own record label. And then you will start avoiding calls that will lead you nowhere, some event offers wont mean much, because you have realized that you need extra finances to secure your future. You will have a manger who will say NO on your behalf, because you have reached a point where you cant settle for less. This is when things start to change. Good example is how most men will shower a girl with praises, when he wants her, the minute she says no, she will be told she is ugly, and called all kinds of names. It’s basically the same principle.

Most artists have been called names, disliked by fellow artists or shielded from events or deals, not because they are rude or insensitive, its because they start to make demands that add value to their brand, and in return, those that thought they will get a very cheap deal or free deal, call you names, am sure you’ve heard of stories like UJA ANAYAMBA KUZIMVELA, MUSIYENI AKULA MUTU etc. Some will even go on interviews and call you out, over cheap things like emails or phone numbers, that one can find on the internet. Oh yes, I’ve heard those stories. ujandani samapasa ma contact. Funny enough if you search the web, emails and phone numbers are there for everyone to see. But Coz of jealousy someone will try to make you look bad. (I will soon be posting some links for anyone that has been misguided. Be smart guys, use the internet wisely)

Once you make it passed a certain level, some of your fellow artists then turn against you, because in all honesty, if it’s not you, glorifying over your achievements, someone is looking at their basket and probably not liking it, that your basket is full. At this point, camps are formed, people start trying to attack you via the people you work with, asking them what you do for them, this my friends is what I call THE SMOKE EFFECT. Legend has it that When trying to get rats out of a hole, you place smoke in that hole, and one by one, rats start running out, because of the confusion. If you are a true leader, you will warn and educate your team mates, of such evil people that will dislike your progress, and when they fail to bring you down, they will opt to cause confusion within your camp or team.

These are things that no one will ever teach you, but from my experience I would like to give you a heads up, because it might happen to you. And usually the ones that are guilty of doing such things, are the ones that will come on platforms or posts like this one, and look for something negative, other than take notes, because it may happen to them aswel, maybe in another field, not just music.

You see, we all want to be successful in life, but we cant run away from so many factors in life. Its either you have thick skin or jump off the ship. On so Many occasions I’ve thought of quitting music, but if I do, who will I be giving the glory to? Since the glory wont be mine, i always choose to continue focusing on my work, and care less what others try to do. Only you know what you want to achieve in life, only you understand your vision and dream.

So go out there, be great, be amazing and win big. Coz even your biggest hater, is watching your every step.
God bless You and all the best. Don’t sleep on your own hustle.

#RobertoJourneyToTheEast Album out 30 April 2021 🙏⬆️