Download: Resistance Ohmz -Celebrate


Born on 26th August, Resistance is a multi-talented Zambian Gospel Artist. He started music(singing and rapping) at the age of 15. In 2013, he joined a gospel crew called Aim to Serve where he gained full confidence in rap and singing. In 2014, they went on to release a mix-tape. Later on, Resistance went on and formed a strong gospel crew called Mission Redefined (MR) consisting of his two best friends Andrew and Philip. Together they broke radio records with a song called Best Outfit. His love for gospel music has made him work with great artists like Geo, Echo, Super Rhymer, Arkmed, 902, and Gabby GP under Reach Out Movement(ROM)

The presence of the Holy Spirit is a requirement to serve God in ones life and Resistance Ohmz emphasizes in this song that one cannot save or serve God without the Holy Spirit.