Expelled students still in Chinese Prison, awaiting parents to send air tickets

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THE four Zambian students expelled from China’s Jaingsu University for watering their alcohol-loving throats with stolen wines are languishing in a Chinese Prison waiting on parents to facilitate their travel back home.

On March 18 this year, Zhenjiang Intermediate People’s Court convicted Makalo Muchindu, Munsolyo Kifunda and Gift Chama along with Benard Kakomba Mulenga, all Zambians for stealing intoxicants from a Chinese Shop.

After being fined, Muchindu, Kifunda and Chama were expelled from the University to join Kakomba who had long given up on studies to concentrate his energies on the consumption of alcohol and was staying in China illegally.

The Chinese government also ordered their deportation.

But according to latest information from sources in China, the troubles of the former students have not yet ended, they are now inmates in a Beijing Prison awaiting their parents to buy them airtickts to return home.

They have been locked since March 18 and are now spending their free time learning Chinese Kung’fu from fellow inmates.

The group arrived in China in 2016 except Kakomba who was their a year earlier.

While there, the students developed an unquenchable liking for Chinese wines but with no income of their own, the students kept their thirst surpressed.

Unable to hold any longer, the students hatched a plan to get drunk without spending any Yuan, On February 6, 2020, they stole their first exotic wine from a Chinese Shop.

Having gotten away the first time, the students kept stealing and by the time their luck was running out on March 16, 2020, their livers had already processed 25 bottles worth of stolen wine.

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