Go to Chicagos at your own risk Miles Sampa warns


Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa has warned that those who will attempt to go and patronise Chicagos Reloaded tomorrow will be doing it at their own risk.

He says whistleblowers have alerted him that owner of Chicagos made an announcement on Facebook that his drinking place where “Wawa wa” occurs will be open tomorrow. In a Facebook post seen by ZED GOSSIP, Sampa said Chicagos remains closed and that licence is still with the council.

He posted below;

When we the Council (elected Mayor and elected Councillors) close a restaurant or bar in Matero, Bauleni, Kabwata, Garden or Kanyama, they respect and obey our decision and normally they seek leniency and or pay a fine to LCC upon which we Decide to reopen them after they show remorse.

This is Chicago Reloaded which we closed over the weekend for not abiding by the Presidential Covid 19 guidelines. As they have been warned several times with the Final Warning letter sent to them on the 9th of June, their matter has been referred to the Council Liquor Licensing Committee that sits this Friday.

In his wisdom the owner of Chicago Savvas Christofi (as per FB post screenshot forwarded to me by whistleblowers) has chosen to take the law in his own hands and announced as above that he Re-opens tomorrow.

I know one in Management at LCC and another outsider a “Do you know who I am” that is misleading him.

Chicago Reloaded LCC liquor and trading licenses are still in our safe at LCC.

Anyone that will go there before (and if) we give them back the licences will be doing it at their own risk.

Defiance and non compliance shall not be part of Lusaka City as long as I remain the elected Mayor.

I and LCC Councillors will protect our earned elected roles from anyone undermining us ” by any means necessary”

Please be guided accordingly.

Miles Bwalya Sampa
Mayor of Lusaka
30th June 2020