Happy Birthday To Former Big Africa Housemate Cherise Makubale

Cherise Makubale

Cherise Makubale, simply known as Cherise, is a former Big Brother Africa housemate. She represented Zambia during the first season of the show where she was announced the winner of the competition on Day 106 after receiving 6/13 votes to win.

A first runner-up in Miss Independence 2002, this 23-year-old manager’s assistant has a bubbly personality and is a great communicator with good negotiation skills. She describes herself as young and energetic and someone who loves a challenge.

She enjoys meeting new people and loves to laugh and joke. She says, “I’m proud to be an African, we have a beautiful landscape surrounded by relaxing attractions, not forgetting the different cultures and ways of life”. Described as talkative by her close friends, she says she can’t help herself because once she meets new people she likes to talk a lot to get to know them better. She rates herself as a thinking, creative and memorable person who is looking forward to her time in the Big Brother Africa house.

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