I know nothing about drugs – Alice Musukwa


Former Miss Universe, and renowned international model Alice Musukwa, says she is dismayed to note that some bloggers in Zambia are spreading lies about her without proper verification.

Reacting to a false story which was shared on social media that she was arrested in South Africa after being found in possession of drugs Alice disclosed that “I Just feel This is a Sign of poverty and lack of Direction. Insala is what is making people mad at who is doing well. It’s okay to wish people well that see them down”.

She adds that if the trend continues, the entertainment industry in Zambia will not be recognized because some bloggers nowadays are focusing a lot on bad and hurtful news because that’s what is bringing traffic and a lot of shares, forgetting that a creditable page would bring so much money.

“It’s very disappointing and disturbing to understand that Some bloggers don’t care losing Business all for Comments, Likes and traffic on to their pages. News bloggers are here to protect and build us because what is written of us, is the energy we receive. The Problem with Most bloggers is that they speculate wrong information and are scared of Success, hence rush on short cuts to grow their pages and lose trust” she says.

She has wondered why someone would post on social media to fabricate about her fake arrest when she was in her comfortable home with her family. She urges her followers to ignore such speculation which she says are “hurtful”.