JA Crew part ways with Cap10 Jay


JA Crew Chief Executive Officer Oscar Simpungwe best known as Ziggy has announced that the crew has part ways with one of its longest serving members Cap10 Jay.

Ziggy, tells ZED GOSSIP, in an interview that the crew got shocked with the news from Cap10 Jay when he went to social media to announce about leaving the crew.

Ziggy says that it is surprising that despite being helped musically, financially and all Cap10 Jay decided to be not faithful to the crew saying that he used to appear on radio shows and fail to acknowledge he was a member of the JA Crew.

He wondered why a person who has been helped for many years went on to tell other people that he was not part of JA Crew to an extent of having shows without notifying management of the JA Crew.

The JA Crew is a music movement in Zambia whose aim is to support upcoming artists financially and with different promos.

“JA Crew sent Cap10 Jay on some radio interview and his responses were weird. Fans and djs were surprised when he said he was not part of us and went on to promote his other business. It seems he got signed by some label which we never knew about and all along he has not been saying the truth” Ziggy said.

“Our aim is to support many Zambian artists even founders of the JA Crew Jerome and Aimiable that’s what they believe in” Ziggy added.

It is believed that Cap10 Jay was supported for three years and just decided to leave the crew without any proper explanation to the management.