Kuni, Cleo Ice Queen & Thandi to be arrested for promoting homosexuality


Minister of Religious Affairs and Guidance Godfridah Sumaili, says her ministry is following up on the programme “Lusaka Hustle” which airs on Zambezi Magic and seemingly is aimed at promoting homosexuality in Zambia.

The minister has disclosed that it is sad that some people want to promote homosexuality which is illegal in Zambia.

There has been a public outsrage after a clip and picture of Cleo, Thandi and Kuni (man) described themselves as ladies while enjoying a steamy massage which was captured on TV.

This prompted some social media enthusiasts to appeal to law enforcement agencies to take action against all those behind the production of the aforementioned programme.

But Rev. Sumaili, says her ministry has already taken up the matter and she has thanked all well meaning Zambian for upholding human dignity and being patriotic.