Born as the only child on 31st January 2001 Ruth Banda AKA Pretty B Zambian female artist a Rapper and song writer based on the Copperbelt in Luanshya, Pretty B is well regarded as one of the best Zambian Fresh Artist with a unique style to in the Zambian music industry.

Marital status: Single
She was raised by a single mum Patricia Mukuba whose husband was Hyden Banda of Lusaka Matero to be specific and he passed on when she was 6 years.

Pretty B started her music career at the age of 9 and did her first music recording at the age of 13.

Record Label: Extreme Records in Lusaka Matero, Township.

Manager: SQ beats and Cash Money.

Worked/Featured: Ivano, Kabaamba, Young beats
Pretty B believes that Music made her to be who she is. “Music bring slot of people together just imagine life without music, Music is a language spoken by different types of people worldwide. Music is also a remedy to relief of pain.

At least that’s what it doesn’t to me even when am sad lol I feel happy”.

Locally in the music industry Pretty B is inspiration by Brisky, Cleo ice queen and Bomshell internationally its Fifi cooper from South Africa and Dej loaf from the US.

“I wish to work with is huh.T low, men I would wish to do a song with T low I love the guy a lot lol his music is the best and voice, apart from T Low I would also love to work with Macky 2 and Brisky”.