Mwiza Zulu publicly appreciate Dad


She wrote;


So I’ve been away from Lusaka for about 3 weeks now, and today I called my dad to check how he’s doing. I called his number but the network didn’t go through, so I called Mom, who I asked to tell him to call me back.
A few minutes passed, and I was impatiently waiting for his call. A few more minutes passed and I began to wonder why he wasn’t calling. Yes, just a few minutes, I’m spoilt like that😂

Anyway, those few minutes made me realize one thing – I am so used to the fact that my dad has never broken a promise he’s ever made to me.
From small things like “I’ll call you back” to the bigger things like “I will always be there for you”.
There has never been a time when I haven’t felt loved by him.
My parents have been my best friends throughout my life, and if anything is happening in my life, best believe they are the first people I’ll tell.

I hear people talk about how they had to leave the house when dad arrives because they were just so scared of their fathers – I can’t relate. I get so excited every time we get to hang out, talk, catch up.
He’s been there for me through every important moment of my life, and he knows me all too well.
Lol so much that, I remember one time I was about to tell him about something important that had happened in my life, and before I could say it, he said it. Like, okay let me tell you first😪😪

He supports me in everything I pursue, from music to academics to activism. And it’s not just financial support, he is there every step of the way. So much that in our Activism, he is now my Comrade lol.

I sometimes see people say nonsense about us, and all I think is “I wish you knew even just half the greatness of our friendship, you wouldn’t even waste your time typing this”.

I could go on and on, but I just want to publicly appreciate my father for being the great man that he is. A great father, friend and comrade.

I love you, Comrade Maiko Zulu .