Power TV Zambia launched

Power TV

THE CEO of Power TV and management are delighted to announce the official launch of the new TV station airing on TopStar channel 108.

The captivating station in its few days of transmission received overwhelming positive feedback. With a powerful vision of featuring 95 % local content and goal of capturing masses in the middle and lower class Zambian viewership, Power TV is poised to be Zambia’s number one choice of local Music and Content.

As a full spectrum television channel, Power TV is providing its audience with a mass appeal programming mix that cuts across all age groups while upholding its professional mandate of informing, educating and entertaining.

What makes the Power TV brand distinct is its ability to reflect, create and tell stories originating from communities around the country with a unique and appealing programming flair.

This unique, exciting and friendly approach to showbiz is validated in Power TV’s tagline “Muchimunzi Nizee”, derived from vernacular street lingo literally meaning “it’s happening in the hood”.

Management through its CEO Kenny Tonga is grateful this far for the awe-inspiring feedback from the general public and promises that as the TV station expands its catchment, more interesting content is guaranteed.

This is according to a statement issued by Power TV Public Relations Office.