Relax your tongue Sir. Slap Dee urges Bowman Lusambo


Zambia’s influencial music act Slap Dee has urged Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo, to tame down his tongue saying one day words will backfire on him.

In a Facebook post seen by ZED GOSSIP, reporters Slap Dee expressed dismay that the Lusaka province minister Lusambo alleged that the late Daev was careless and drunk on the road when the accident happened.

But Slap Dee posted below;

“I’ve heard people say bad things about this guy and never really bothered to do a research why. In my head it was just people talking “about a public figure as usual” but this…this really hit a nerve.
Too soon Mr. Minister…too soon. That’s all I can say. Relax your tongue sir. One day your words will bite you”