Sad: Hot FM CEO Zach Chavula dies


The media fraternity has suffered another huge blow as Hot FM Chief Executive Officer Zach Chavula has died.

Mr. Chavula dies today after battling with Cancer. His brother Oscar Chavula, announced in a statement that Zach died from CFB Hospital in Lusaka today’.

ZED GOSSIP, sends it’s message of condolences to the Chavula family and friends on this untimely loss. Zach died at the age of 48. He has been in the media for a number of times. He will be truly missed.

Oscar Chavula, Chairman of Hot Media Group said in the statement below:
It is with deep and profound sadness that we announce that the Hot FM Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zachariah Chavula has died.

Mr. Chavula,. 48, died at 19.05 at CfB Hospital in Lusaka after losing his battle with cancer.

Mr. Chavula was a larger than life legendary radio and media personality whose career spans decades entertaining and bringing people closer to the truth with candid interviews and radio programs.

Funeral arrangements shall be communicated as soon as possible and with renewed Covid restrictions we appeal to friends, relatives and sympathizers to refrain from gathering at his house.

The full funeral and requiem program will be communicated as soon as it is practically communicable.

Oscar Chavula