Sankai Music to help Zambian celebs go international


For 10 years now Zambian music has been controlled by two labels XYZ and Kopala swag,but surprisingly zambia has not yet gone international.

Meg artists in Zambia have not been able to collaborate with big artists outside Zambia,because music is based on promotion only.

With the arrival of Sankai music all this will change new artists and producers will be given a chance with no more tribalism in Zambian music no matter where you come from you stand a chance to get signed under Sankai Music every year a music competition will be organised where artists from all parts of zambia will compete and the best two in every province will stand a chance to get signed under Sankai Music

With a free music video sponsorship and a chance to record an album that will be available on all music platforms.
Sankai Music records will be located in Lusaka and its head quarters in Shanghai, China
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