Shyman says Jazboy has worst work ethics


Zambian music artist Shyman and music producer Jazboy have squeezed each others balls on social media ZED GOSSIP understands.

Shyman posted on Facebook that he is dismayed with the work ethics of Jazboy stating that he has failed to deliver his final project despite eating his money.

He has accused Jazboy of being big headed and says he will make sure that he pays for failing to finish his song.

He wrote on Facebook;

Jazzy Boy,One of zambia’s young and best producers we have,the producer of my last successful single #WamonaNomba ,Come to work ethics,One of the worst .You give him a 75% down payment to start the work and agree to have the work done and settle the last payment ..3 months later after months of excuse after excuse he tells me it seems am in a hurry he will refund me..Am like fine refund me then if you are that busy..Futi ati i will look for money.?WTF are you busy with then if you not making money..?Azanilakwisa uyu,I wonder if he takes advantage of me coz am not in the country.
6th Month now 1 song…Smh