Slapdee escapes lynching in Chipata

Slap Dee

Zambia’s mult award wining hip hop act Slap Dee last night escaped lynching in Eastern Province where he was supposed to perform at the official opening of BlueGums Night Pub in Chipata.

The artist was set to perform after the UEFA final match so he could allow all his fans to catch a glimpse of him on stage. But this failed to work out as the music act was whisked away for fear of being beaten on stage by suspected organised patrons who got drunk.

The music artist has since issued a statement seen by ZED GOSSIP, saying “My agreement with Bluegums management was to perform after the very much anticipated UEFA final match so as to allow those that wanted to watch the match to be able to also catch me on stage later.
As you may have seen from my last Facebook post, my team and I were in Chipata city by 6pm(18hrs)way before performance time. We were at the venue by 9pm but had to stick to program as advised by Bluegums management-to go on stage at 23:30”.

Last few days Slap Dee has been under pressure to explain how he is alleged to have duped US Based Zambian artist Katongo for not featuring in her video as agreed. Some of her fans got angry but Slap Dee is yet to comment on the matter despite some XYZ members coming to his defense and those who follow him on social media.

Slap Dee, has however apologized for not performing in Chipata stating that plans with organisers are underway to reschedule.
“I wish to register my sincere apologies to all my fans who made all efforts to come out and support me on this would be memorable night. I am deeply hurt and currently in talks with Bluegums management to see how amends can be made. I was honestly excited and looking forward to making all of you happy”