Tboy’s FB account hacked by scam ads


Tboy’s FB account hacked by scam ads

Music artist Tboy has had his account hacked by scammers who send messages to page admins that they want to pay them thousands of dollars for adverts.

This is a scam and once you fall prey and click on links they send one loses their page.

This is what happened to other artists in Zambia who had their FB hacked thinking they would be paid over USD$2000 upfront for adverts.

ZED GOSSIP wishes to warn page admins to be wary and ensure they ignore such messages in their inbox. Once scammers get access to your page they start posting funny videos and get paid lots of money out of them.

Meanwhile, reports reaching ZED GOSSIP show that Tboy might have gotten back access to his page after being helped by some computer Wizards.