Tbwoy reminisces on his fancy ‘suit’ lifestyle and music journey


He posted on his facebook the touching message below to inspire tbose wanting to give up in their music career.

The picture on the left was taken in 2008 by a Chinese friend of mine called Chris who was the photographer to the late president Mwanawasa. I remember taking my friend Bflow to this photo session around Civic centre area where Chris had a studio, Chris was introduced to me by my sister Annie Chenda and this photo session was organized by her too. I think I paid Chris K300,000 equivalent 300 kwacha now to have this photo session which was the first professional shoot ever since I had the biggest song in the country (MWATI-UZIBA) I needed a perfect image to match the song.
The suit I wore here was the suit my cousin Nkandu Chilombo bought for me in 2007 for his wedding line up and I went to Soweto to look for the same color of hat to match it up with. That was the only suit I ever owned at the time and I wore it countless times on a number of events.
I own many suits now I just pic out whatever whenever I wana wear anything matter if fact I just have them made specifically for me that’s why I wear them without a belt. I have suits I have just won once and packed them and some I give out to my fans I remember giving out 2new suits to a fan last year.
How did it happen?
God’s grace, hard work, and Focus.
I am one person that doesn’t believe in luck, I believe in hard work that’s why even when I was an upcoming musician and getting airplay I would make sure I did any kind of job to get me more money to record more music and pay for my college tuition fees not that I didn’t have people to pay for my tuition fees matter of the fact my uncle paid for my motor vehicle engineering certificate and my first level in purchasing and supply at NIPA but when I saw that he had alot of people to sort out, I decided to help him by handling my school fees and he was shocked when I told him I could do it at the age of 20. My Uncle has been so instrumental in many people’s lives and he is my role model I hope to be like him.
I hope I make my uncles and unties proud of the few things I have achieved so far. I hope mom and dad a smiling up in heaven.
It could be you