Trex Da Real to drop “Fearless Teen” album


Trex Da Real to drop “Fearless Teen” album

JA Crew member Trex Da Real will be dropping his music album he is calling “Fearless Teen”.

Trex started music at the age of 14 years and went in the studio when he got 16 years old. He says his first song he did was called dreamer and danger which features his former classmate Owen.
He adds that his passion for music made him get signed under the JA Crew stating it’s a crew which helps upcoming artists and give them an opportunity to expose themselves in the entertainment industry.

When asked about his album this is what he has to say;
“My Album is titled FEARLESS TEEN I came to say so cos in life when you wanna make it out there to be prosperous and successful you need to be fearless as in bundling any obstacles that you face in life, Basically the songs in the album talks about being courageous and Ambitious that’s the message I can actually potray to the people out there songs like GHETTO HERO MUSIC JOURNEY OPEN YOUR EYES LIFE STORY AND AM NEXT”

He continues to say ”
Uh basically I thought of instead of making songs which only defines myself or rather talking about drugs swag and chains or murder sex etc I thought of coming up of the way to educate pipo through my music coming up with a concrete message I can encourage someone out there
Intentionally I wanted pipo to be motivated through the songs I sing”

And Trex Da Real thanks God for the talent saying he does music because it’s in him and he wants to produce songs that will inspire many.

He further says his music journey is a blessing and he will shine knowing he believes in hardwork and faith for things to work out perfectly.

He has since disclosed that the album will be out on 1 October 2021 saying “On my Album I worked with DMB Kleshkid ,Tracy Hatic and Kebby kayombo
Dmb is a kind of artist who is Ambitious with music and who can relate his current situation with the songs he sings
Kebby kayombo is a kind of an artist who said to be the RnB killer his voice is just so amazing n the way he comes up with a concerpt and he is easy to jump on any beat he is a universal artist he can do RNB Trap n hip hop at the same time but most of his songs are Afro pops otherwise he is very talented
Tracy Hatic is said to have a melodic voice like the way she blends with the beat in a way that someone can be motivated and relate the message in the song for example WANT ME DOWN she gave me a very nice and motivation hook”