Tycoon Chilufya Tayali’s wife pregnant

Renowned Zambian tycoon Chilufya Tayali and his wife at the Kwacha Music Awards in Lusaka recently.

Prominent Lusaka based tycoon Chilufya Tayali, has announced that his Ethiopian woman is pregnant.

Tayali, made this announcement on facebook seen by ZED GOSSIP, in a seemingly comical post where he joked about his wife disliking his favorite shoes saying they make him look like a rapist.

Part of his post read

“I am getting late for work, by the way, I work for CTTK Business and HR Consultancy, because my wife is fighting me, not to wear these shoes. She says that, I look like a rapist when I wear them”.

Mr. Tayali, recently got married in Ethiopia to a beautful woman (Read More). After coming back to Zambia many of his followers became jealousy when he was flashing his wife on social media some reacted by saying he should focus on making babies.