Wycliff Mwamba: Zambian film producer, actor, writer & director


Wyclif Mwamba is a Zambian actor, writer, Producer, comedian and director. Wyclif is the first Zambian to have written, Produced and directed a 48 minutes’ Zambian series that shows on DStv Zambezi Magic.

The 48 minutes’ series City On Fire ran for two seasons and Wyclif Mwamba wrote, Produced and directed both seasons.

Born: 17th November 1984 in Luanshya, Wyclif Mwamba has never seen his father’s face because he died when he was few months old and he’s been raised by his single mother in Kapiri Mposhi.

Wyclif Mwamba is also the only child in his family and a father of three.

2005: Wyclif Mwamba got interested in film after auditioning for a role in a local production in Ndola and from that time he’s been pushing and pulling until when he opened his eyes and started his own film company called WYCLIF MWAMBA FILMS in 2012.

Wyclif and his production has Produced quite number of films that the Zambian audience has come to love and appreciate including Pay Back which was nominated for the best southern film for 2019 Ngoma awards and Sotambe film festivals.

Movies Wyclif has written includes, City On Fire season 1 and 2. Pay back, Zuba season 3. Game of Survival. WRATH, the Pawn, Plague and Big trouble in a small House.
Net worth 3 million kwacha.