You just can’t show up at someone’s house unscheduled -CRISIS

Chisenga Katongo formerly known as CRISIS

Australia based Zambian hip hop giant Chisenga Katongo formerly known as CRISIS has questioned if the recent post by reggae artist Petersen Zagaze where he said he and his friend were refused to meet TK in 2002 was meant to make him look bad in 2020.

Petersen Zagaze few days ago posted on his social media page seen by ZED GOSSIP, that in 2002 he was refused to meet TK the producer after walking long distances from Chilenje to Roma Townshp while feasting on Vitumbuwa READ HERE.

But in his defence CRISIS after seeing a tweet from ZED GOSSIP, he has defended himself saying ” You just cant show up at someone’s house unscheduled”. He further went on to say that “TK would ask me to go to the gate & not let people in because people showed up without making appointments” adding that ” I’ve given a lot of musicians more opportunity than you’d imagine. I don’t preach about it”.