Zambian artist Grinbone vows not to have sex for 10 years after Beyonce replied his message

Chat between Grinbone and Beyince

Renowned Zambian hip hop act Grinbone, has vowed not to have sex for the next ten years after US singer Beyonce replied to his message.

Messages obtained by ZED GOSSIP, have revealed that Grinbone challenged Beyonce that if she replies to his messages he will not have sex for the next ten years.

Grinbone got a shocker of his life when the US singer replied to him by saying “Hey…How are you” this left the Zambian rapper smiling and those close to him say he has not had his meal thinking how he will survive without sext the next ten years.

Meanwhile, another US hip hop act Eminem has surprised Grinbone, with a followback on his Instagram account. Meek Mill was the first US artist to show love to Grinbone.

Eminem following back Grinbone