Zambian business man Chomba Kaoma, clean


GK International Group has expressed dismay at social media stories published by a named Zambian website that Lusaka business man Chomba Kaoma, obtained money by false pretence in the USA to set up a meeting with president Lungu.

A statement issued to the media today and seen by ZED GOSSIP, read “In light of this event GK Int would like to distance Mr. Chomba Kaoma from the story circulating on Social Media as it is false. Mr. Chomba Kaoma, is a hardworking man who showed integrity, trustworthiness, self-driven individual with innovative ideas that can transform the young people in Zambia. It is rare to find people with such attributes, It was a pleasure for us (GK Int ) to have met with Mr. Kaoma. We would like to confirm that Mr. Chomba Kaoma did travel to the USA in December 2018 for business purposes and all his travel arrangements to the US were covered by GK international group of Companies. GK Int Group would like to state that the story portrayed by the Zambian Watchdog is not true and it is in bad faith that Mr. Kaoma’s name is being dented by people that have no base and would use anything to gain political mileage at the expense of the majority citizens that follow stories of social Media”.

The statement further read “We would like to encourage the Zambian social media family to take this story as false like many say it is easier to destroy than to build. It is high time the Zambian youth started building each other and fight poverty rather than character assassination and propaganda which only takes away the focus and energy required to have a productive youth. The potential is there in the Zambian youth if only they channel the focus to the right framework of mind and Mr. Kaoma is one among the few whose is for the Zambian youth”.

A malicious story has been circulated on social media that the youthful Chomba Kaoma, obtained money from a USA for in December last year to allegedly set up a meeting with Zambian president H.E Edgar C. Lungu.

But GK International Group has described the story as malicious and aimed at destroying the image of Kaoma.

“Among the Zambian populace living in the USA we did a background check from our records and found no person by the name of Bruce Mwansa under the Zambians leaving in the US, and that no trip to the said North Carolina was ever undertaken by Mr. Chomba Kaoma during his course of stay in the US. GK Int would to put on record that Mr. Kaoma’s Visit to the US was his first time and that no business transaction of said nature as reported by the media house ever took place at any given time”.