Embarrassing: Zambian musician Funti K rejected on TV

Funti K

Zambian music artist cum producer and photographer Kennedy Banda alias FuntI k, got a shocker of his life when he featured on Date My Family Zambia and got rejected by the person he picked.
A reality show which usually airs on Zambezi Magic, was repeated on One Zed Channel and millions of Zambians had a glimpse of the happenings.

ZED GOSSIP, monitored the show and it turned out that Funti K, offered to give the lady his number but the sexy girl seemed not interested and she wouldn’t want to go on a date with someone she didn’t clique with.

But fans of Funti K, expressed dismay at the manner Funti K constantly kept on hugging other ladies despite him being on a show where he was supposed to show his morals of finding a decent woman.
Funti K is the hit maker of the song “Ndiwe Che Munzanga” literally translated “You are just a friend” which was once a household name in the mid-2000s and it featured K’millian.