Zambians jealousy of young tycoon Chilufya Tayali


Some social media enthusiasts have continued to attack and roast young and vibrant tycoon Chilufya Tayali, who recently got engaged to an Ethiopian cutie.

Tayali is set to marry in July and some of his social media followers have been criticising him for praising his sexy lady whom he has vowed to marry. A check on his Facebook status by ZED GOSSIP, found that some people were against the idea of his wife to be sending him an air ticket which many are now describing as an insult to manhood.

Tayali, is a young and vibrant humble politician who has never wanted to disclose his wealth to the media or nation.

Last year on his usual business trips Tayali, traveled to Ethiopia and bumped into Queen Sheba, who stole his heart and decided to ask for a hand in marriage which she accepted.

He recently posted that the wedding will take place in Ethiopia and reception in Zambia on the 27 July, 2019.