Zambians urge Snookievao of Davaos to bleach her skin


Some Zambians have continued to ask Snookievao of the Davaos music group to start bleaching her skin.

The music artist receives such news and encouragement with dismay saying it’s unfortunate some people are never proud of their skin tone.

She says God created every person in a special way and it is vital for any other person to embrace what God gave them.

She tells ZED GOSSIP, that other women should not fall prey to such advise because some of these chemicals people use to bleach their skins are harmful.

“I implore you, put down that bleach. Put it down and far away from you as much as possible. You’re not a curse or an abomination. Learn to love yourself because it opens doors that people don’t even know of. I’m at a point in my journey where I don’t want to change my skin color, no matter what these commercials and “beauty experts” say, it’s not a mistake, it’s not even what people call beautiful imperfection. It’s flawless beauty” she disclosed with sparkling smiley face to ZED GOSSIP.