ZESCO vehicle loadshedded, man caught pants down

Smashed ZESCO Vehicle

AN unknown man has smashed a vehicle belonging to power utility firm ZESCO registration number ALE 9587 after he caught his longtime lover romancing in bed with an alleged ZESCO employee.

Reports obtained by ZED GOSSIP, indicate that the named man caught his girlfriend in Kazungula being electrocuted in bed while screaming “Zimya” as she enjoyed receiving more units in bed from the ZESCO employee.

ZED GOSSIP, is reliably informed that the man who drove all the way from Lusaka was hinted by a close friend that his lover was being serviced by someone despite him paying rentals for the girl even when she was still at Secondary school. The lady whose identity has been withheld currently works at Kazungula Clinic as a nurse.

The happenings left many residents of Kazungula astonished as the owner of the woman started smashing the vehicle for ZESCO out of anger. Names of the trio have been withheld.